Your buying partner

Many hatcheries invest in new equipment. However, for some hatcheries, used incubators may be a good alternative. Hatchcon trades and installs such inventories. Whether you are seeking to sell a single piece of equipment, an entire process line, or a complete plant, we look forward to being your buying partner.

Nearly all used incubators and inventories come from hatcheries that have discontinued their business, or are expanding and renewing their facilities. We travel to such hatcheries to observe and check if the equipment is in proper working order, and if it can still be used for at least another 15 years.

If we are convinced of the quality, everything is shipped to our headquarters in which all the parts are checked and if necessary repaired and tested again.

Thinking of renovating and looking to get a good price for your used inventory? Get in touch, to see what we can do for you.